Chain guide

Anyone run a solid chain guide. Does this get rid of running the insert. Is it one piece of plastic? Thanks guys and gals

I have had good luck running TMDesignworks guides and sliders....I usually rip through the stockers and then go with TM. The guide/block in one unit unlike the stocker.... It us very tough.

On the RMZ I managed to get a full season out if the stock unit and I will keep it on their until probably my second rear tire change... About a month from now. I mention this because some bikes go through these items very quickly.

On myKX450s the guides were gone in a few rides. This was because the countershaft is lower than the swingarm pivot on those machines. Little things you don't notice but make a big difference.

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Ok so is there are rubber insert like stock or is it just a piece of plastic.

Depends on which one you buy I believe. Plastic(nylon?)

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Ok thanks man

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