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gratitude 2000 xr250r

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Well jan. 18th of 2014 i purchased a 2000 xr250r. The bike was in ok shape but, i could see was in need of some TLC before i took it out for the first time. Now let me explain that the last time i rode a dirt bike was in 1986, couple years outta high school. Needless to say the four stroke industry has changed just a lil'!!! LOL!! my gosh, these things flat BOOGIE now!!! so before i started digging into it, i stumbled across thumper talk in my surfing adventures to read up on how to work on these things. I have had to do valve checks, starting issues, carb work, brakes, swingarm, chain, sprokets, air box, exhaust, compression, etc. etc. And the reason i tell you this is to say thank you for all of those people that have taken the time to post all of their experiences in twisting wrenchs on these things so that people like me have a fighting chance to perform your basic, to medium basic maintenance on'em. I thank you one and all for helping me getting my bike up and running. I was able to take that bike i bought on CL, do what i stated above and rode my first ever poker run in the desert. 25 miles of it on march 15th of 2014, and the thing ran strong and hard. till i broke my shift shaft. guess my bike wanted a real close up look of the terrain without me on it, so it bucked me off and took a good look at it. LOL!!!  :rolleyes:  So by reading all the info, wuz able to pull the motor and it now sits in the local bike shop, waiting for the case to be split on tuesday to replace shift shaft and eyes to be put on the inside of the engine as well to see what other issues need to be addressed. Thank you each and every person for their time. this is a great place and will recommend to all my rider friends.




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