does anyone make black radiator louvers?

anyone make black rad louvers for a 2010 yz250???



I dyed a set of stock translucent white louvers. I was trying for black, but they came out a nice pale grey.  :(


So yeah, I'd like to know where to get black louvers too.

Krylon Fusion spraypaint.It is made for plastic,it bonds to plastic,and if you do it properly and wait one week before you use them,they will not chip.You have to gouge them for the paint to come off.I've done Blue,Black,and Yellow louvres,as well as other parts.It is awesome.Krylon Fusion WILL NOT work on your gastank,however.It doesn't like gasoline.Do light coats of whatever color you choose,waiting only a few minutes between coats.Don't try to cover it all in one coat,it will run.Be patient with several light coats.You will love me forever and probably name several children(some of them yours) after me.You're welcome!(The red,white,and blue 03 YZ125 has the front fender,fork protectors,side numberplates,and rear fender done completely in Krylon Fusion.....Yup).




426 to jimandannes 232.jpg




From Capt. Flapwick Dan.

Lol,Capt.FlapwickDan! Coupla more tips....The Krylon Fusion will stick just fine to horribly gouged and scratched plastic,but obviously the smoother the surface is,the better the paint will look.I've sanded some pretty messed up plastic,and it looked great after painting.You definitely want to clean the plastic really good.A good degreasing dishsoap like Dawn works great.The plastic can be new or old,it just has to be as clean as you can possibly get it.Any goo left on it WILL be a weak spot where the paint can chip.On my previous post,I also noticed that I had the blue YZ250 louvres painted red in the shot with the white 450,before I repainted them yellow.In this post,the white stripe with black pinstripes(1975 KX125 retro-look) on the KX 100 shrouds is Fusion,as well as the white stripe on the rear fender.On the YZ250,The black numberplate background and the blue stripe going into the rear fender are Krylon Fusion.


426 to jimandannes 294.jpg

I painted some plastics, louvers, rear caliper guard and a few other thing. It turned out nice and has held up really nice so far. The krylon fusion is the way to do it. Just put the effort into prep work and 3 or 4 good coats of paint.

+1 on the plastic paint.cleaned my louvres with a green scourer and dish soap.then three coats of the first pic you can see i used some thick pro taper fork decal's to jazz them up,with some extra protection.




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