Fuel dripping where gas line from tank meets the carb. Help!

Its an 05 YZ250F that had the carb drained for the winter.  Today i went to start it up, change the oil, etc.  Just some general maintenance.  I turned the gas to the on position and now it is dripping where the brass fitting on the fuel line meets the carb.  I know for sure its not where the line fits over the brass fitting, its definately where the brass fitting meets the carb.  Any suggestions? thanks

Yep, the o-rings go bad. There should be a lil phillips screw near it that u have to remove, and then u can pull the brass fitting out. Should be some orings on it. If you need to quick fix, u can find orings from home depot, lowes, etc. I had to do it once when one of the orings broke, i used a smaller diameter one then you'd think because stretching helps make the fatter orings "thinner" and easier to get the brass fitting back into the carb. I also used the oem ones on the first two grooves, and the fat one on the last to go in the hole because it doesnt fit too great. Not "the right" thing to do, but when it starts leaking when I was all the way up north with no where to go...ya do what ya gotta do. I also dont think the home depot orings are rated to be used with fuel. SO..


If you have time, just order the right ones or go to a local yamaha dealer and see if they have some that are correct.

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I just bought one. Good luck finding a yamaha parts diagram with the fitting and orings. I went to motosport and ordered the fitting for the same year honda 250 4 stroke. It fits perfectly, came with the orings, and is angled at 45 degree's, which i think is way more convienant. I have an 06 btw so you should have similar luck. This is from an 06 honda 250 and it worked on my 06 yz250f. I'm pretty sure you have the same carb as me. its number 15 http://www.motosport.com/dirtbike/oem-parts/HONDA/2006/CRF250X/CARBURETOR

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