Ready to buy - best deals? Tips?

Hey y'all,

After 15 years since owning a Honda atv, I've decided to buy a CRF250L. I'm wondering if anyone could share their thoughts/experiences on buying a new one? I.e. Dealer cost, rebates, sales, gear incentives, etc. I'm located in Lancaster, Pa (an hour west of Philly), but can travel in any direction up to 200 miles.

I thought about buying a used 2013, but they're pretty rare.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Yeah, used in my area is rare, but they are out there. I paid $4k for a 2014 with only 71 miles on it. My dealer wanted $5,600 OTD. I think region matter. Near me, they are gone as soon as the dealer gets them (although I have yet to see another on the road).

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I live in western PA and bought a new '14 last weekend. Out the door with tax, plate, etc was right under $5100. $5,093.xx. Forget the "cents".

Yea I think a lot of it just depends on the dealer.  If they have a waiting list, or are selling them as soon as they hit the floor, then they arent going to do any deals.  The MSRP also keeps going up.  I think I read somewhere that in Florida these bikes are going for cheap because either everyone already has one, or they just arent selling many, something to that effect.

I got mine last June and I was on a waiting list for 2-3 months, so there was no wheelin and dealin with the dealer, because he knew he could easily get MSRP for it from someone else.


From what I gather most people are paying MSRP but it does sound like some are finding sweet deals.


Honda wouldnt even qualify me for their 2% financing and my credit score was 750something.  They wanted to give me 6%.  I ended up getting like 3% from my local small town bank.

A month ago, my dealer had TWO of them sitting on the floor. I was planning to go back and get one, but fortunately I found my 2014 on CL. I went to the dealer's open house this weekend and both were GONE! 

My experience has been it is what it is.   They will put a price on it and someone will pay.   My advice would be if you see one and it is what you want buy it.   Stuf that sits you can make a little deal on but the crfs are hot.  

When I bought mine, a couple local dealers had them on the showroom floor, but i ended up putting myself on a waiting list at a different dealer because they didn't charge the freight/setup and the tax rate in that county was a little cheaper. Saved about $800 by doing that.

Well? Did you buy one? :ride:

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