2002 426 question

anybody out there having the plug fouling problem on your 02 426?

Knock on wood, not yet. Let us know if you find something.


I've fouled a couple since getting mine in December but I think it's due to the colder weather. Try leaving the choke on until it's really warmed up. The last time I fouled one it started first kick, I cut the choke off after about 15 seconds and took off. I rode about 100 yards, slowed down and she quit. Plug was history. Since then I've left the choke on a lot longer and I haven't had a problem.

Brent, where do you ride in Powhatan? My parents live at Mill Quarter, and when my wife and I visit, I usually bring the 426 and I ride with some people at Crestwood elementary school off of Midlothian turnpike.


Hell yes dsp426, I am having the same problem. I have not been able to cure my problem. I have tried jetting, pilot jet screw, and plugs and mine still fouls one every week or so. What really sucks is when your on the starting line and waiting for the race ahead of you to finish and when they hold up the 30 second board and you try to start it and it leaves you sitting on the line because it want start. I love Yahama's, but, this thing has pushed my nerves to the very end.

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