wr450f coughing and splatters at 1/2 to 3/4 throttle

just purchased a wr450f and it Is coughing and misfiring when I am riding, I was told to disconnect the tps and it seems to make a little difference but still is very noticable, also only in 4th gear it has a gear sorta ticking noice coming from gearbox??

Might have a plugged pilot jet and some chain slap.

Hi everyone I pull down the bike a couple of days ago cause 4th gear was missing a tooth, got 4th gear pinion and dog gears for 180$$$, during the pull down I found that the woodruff key in flywheel had been shorn off!! This would have caused the shuttering with the tps and the problems I have been having

Sorry it is a 2003, hours no idea, fmf pipe and the jetting I believe was 170 main jet 50 pilot. Attitude is sea level to 100m I suppose

Wow! That engine had some serious shit wrong with it and you found it all that fast !!

If you ever plan on opening a bike shop let me know!!

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