Weight Training, need some suggestions !

I would like to build my physical strength by doing some weight training.

Should I concentrate on light weights more reps OR heavy weights fewer reps ?

What exercises should I focus on ?

I have no idea where I should start :)

If you want to build strength then it's heavier weight and fewer reps. Concentrate on exercises that work the large muscle groups (squats, deadlifts, bench press, etc.). If you're lifting heavy, always have someone around to spot you. Remember, no pain, no gain.

I have looked into this a little bit, and have found that trainers have recommended a high rep/low weight type of regimen. Especially for the upper body as bigger muscles require more blood and the probability of arm pump can be increased. If you look at all the mx pros none of them are bulked -up.

I would recommend you research some of the mx-sites like Roncada's site for specific exercises them take them to a qualified trainer to teach technique.

Personally, I focus on core stabilization, cardio fitness then a general weight program.

Good luck.

Using high reps (>15-20) and short rest periods in between sets will improve your endurance which is going to be better for mx. But if you want more strength, for whatever reason/sport, low reps and more weight. I wouldn't worry about bulking up as it takes a lot of time and hard work before you see any big changes.

A while back this topic was raised in one of the forums and some people posted some really thorough replies. Try doing a search.


This works great for me, so maybe it will also work for you. I try to run everyday. Try not to run to fast and run longer distant. Now, for my workout. At night when I am watching TV. When it come to a commercial I do all the pushup's I can until the show comes back on. Then, on the next commercial I do all the situp's I can do. Keep repeating this for the time of your show and believe me, you will be tired when it is over. This works really good and you dont spend all your time at the gym. When the pro's are on the road, this is what some of them do and it works really good.


Do NOT do heavy weight! This was my problem. I've always lifted and got bulky, but being able to press 300+ lbs does not help you go faster. I've cut way back on the heavy weights and am now doing high reps. Also, cardio is the key. I prefer bicycle riding and swimming as it's less stress on my knees than running.

Also, get a work out partner. Many people, myself included, are less likely to miss a workout with a lame excuse if someone else is waiting for you. They can also spot you and push you to achieve more.

Sorry about the double post :)

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Thanx guys, think low weight high reps will be the way to go, all I want is to ride harder for longer with out my arms and shoulders turing into jelly nixweiss.gif

Cardio and riding your motorcycle... No other training will prove as efective.....Period

I'm near 40 yo. Noticed I'm not nearly as durable as I used to be. I'm a "stickboy" as my friend says (6'1" 180lbs), but I know that different body types respond differently to various training regimens. I NEVER BULK up no matter what I do. Just doesn't happen. Cardio stuff is now my major focus since I'm not trying to impress the girls any more. I found they like balding, grey haired, wise old men WITHOUT giant muscles anyway LOL... Experiment in the gym and do what works for your body.

Any activity (besides couch potatoe and reaching for a beer) will make you a stronger rider.

I have one addition to this.

I found a grip strengthener that very much helps with arm pump. It's called the Ivanko Super Gripper. I don't have the site handy but a simple search will find it...

This thing is big and resembles the clutch lever action to a T. It's adjustable and you can really benefit from strength in your forearms.


I found this ohttp://www.racingsmarter.com/training_chapter.htmn a forum a while back and have adapted this to my regimen and my stamina has increased tremendously over the past year.

Go to the WR side and do a search on Weight Training Program. You may be sorry you asked! :)

Thanx guys, I'm gonna be fitter than Lance Armstrong and stronger than Arnie after all this :)

I am currently using the program Ron in Socal posted about from the WR side. I think it is great and really is dirt bike specific. It has covered all areas that I may be sore in after a ride..our hare scramble season starts Feb 24th and I can feel a difference in a month worth of this program. Thanks Ron!

Jason - Ron's workout plan is definitely a winner(thanx Ron), I think I'm going to hurt for a while when I start, but it'll be worth it!

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