How to ?

How do I clean the carbon off my head and piston / best product to use?


Scotchbrite Red

PepBoys Oil Eater cleaner

Thanks for your reply but i live in Australia and don't have access to that product, are spray on degreasers ok to use?

You can pretty much use anything, even pure solvent.

The issues are what happens to your hands/skin/immune system, and the bikes finishes, that's why it's easier to just use the 'green' cleaners and mild solvents.

Wd40 is available in Australia and works great

Yamaha makes an aerosol product for carbon removal.

I used thinners and soaked the top of the piston just a few mm work great

how would I go about replacing a rear sprocket.

how would I go about replacing a rear sprocket.


Sounds like you could benefit from a service manual for your bike... if you want to wrench on it and learn more about it, I would get one.


Replacing the rear sprocket is as simple as pulling off the rear wheel and removing the bolts that hold it on. They are probably an allen key head and a 12mm nut.

how would I go about replacing a rear sprocket.


Start your own thread


You need a service manual


Never re-use the old sprocket bolts/nuts

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