Oil for a 2010 yz450f

I have had radiator lowering kits for every Yamaha since 2009 that I have owned.  I don't notice much difference, although others have. 


But ,I was one of the first that had a 2010, and I have loved those machines all the way to 2013. Most people didn't like them, so........


The 2014 is better.


I think most people read something and have to have it. Most people just need to ride.  I was sponsored by DR D in 2009, but didn't renew my sponsorship to buy pipes since.  I think the stock pipes make plenty of power. I have been using the same two kits since.  Just take them off bikes when I sell...


Just use the EFI tool to get it like you want, although you have to do research to find out what lean setting do, what rich setting do, and what spark advance and retarding do. 


Grayracer, I never had any trouble, but technically, 946cc is the way to go!   Sorry about spreading disinformation on the 950cc!!

I have a 2012 and pretty much change my filter every time especially since I push my oil slightly longer than some of you guys. I always replace filter and put exactly one quart back in is that correct. The oil is usually right too the top of the sight glass. I'm just not following what years bikes exactly you guys are talking about.

Refer to your manual.  The '12 should take 1 Liter to refill if you change the filter.

Yes It is one liter with a filter change. That stinks all last summer I was just putting a quart in with a filter change. Is it fair too assume I didn't cause any damage or premature wear since its not much difference between a quart and a liter. I always looked at the sight glass shortly after shutting it down and it was always right too the top. Some times I even had too tip the bike a little too see the air bubble.

The beauty of a dry sump is that the amount of oil in the tank makes very little difference as long as there's at least enough to keep air out of the feed side and enough room in the tank. The difference between 1000cc and as little as 500 would only be that the oil would get hot and dirty faster. Being a few cc short is not going to hurt very much.

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