1999 WR400 Basic Questions

I've looked through the forums and used the search functions, but my TT search Fu is not helping me much. I have a couple basic questions on the bike itself.

What is the:

Stock gas tank capacity? Trying to figure out if I want more or need more range.

What aftermarket fuel tanks will work with the stock seat and WR radiator shrouds?

I want to remove the stock Odometer and add a vapor unit. I can remove the drive gear, but the do I just add the YZ spacer and make sure the bearing oil seal is in place?

Or do I have to cap the gear drive and use it because the hubs are that different?

Last one. Are the forks and brakes from the 2000 WR400 better (read YZ based) than the 98-99 versions? Would it be worth buying some parts from the 2000 model year to upgrade the suspension?

I know everyone will say to get a newer bike, but did the suspension and motor change that drastically throughout 98-2007 to warrant a newer year bike?

Thanks for input everyone, great forum. Just rebuilt the top end, JD jet kit with FMF Q4 pipe and she purrs on the stand. Can't wait to ride it once the snow melts. Cheers all!

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