DSP airbox and titanium subframe

Just put a DSP airbox and ti subframe on my 2000 WR. The subframe has an extra mounting tab under the rear pipe mount and is missing one for the brake reseviour and the coolant res. I want to bring it to my buddy who has a TIG welder to move the tab and add another. does anyone have a small piece of titanium scrap laying around I can use for a tab? Also, i presume my TIG buddy will need a Ti welding rod to weld this thing, no? Anybody know were I can get one for him.

Lstly, does anyone have any jetting recomendations for me for the DSP box. It looks much larger than the stocker and the intake boot is one piece with an aluminum intake bell with a bypass for the airjets in the carb mouth. I also have another DSP box with the stock intake boot. Which one is better? Are TTrs richening jetting woith these boxes. i like to get it in the ball park before I screw it all down as the C/F air boot must be removed to get at the needle.

Can anyone runs a DSP box give me your experience.

Thanks everyone

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