2010 yz450f bogiing

Yamaha yz450f

My 2010 yz450 is starting to bog out once it gets up to temp when I really get on it. The air temp sensor code 22 was coming so I checked and cleaned it. Any other thoughts. Could the sensor be bad?

Would the sensor cause the bike to run well til hot then starting falling on its face when throttle is wide open?

Open your manual and run the troubleshooting tree for a code 22.  You'll find out more about whether the sensor's bad or not. 


And yes, a a flaky IAT sensor can cause all sorts of trouble they shouldn't even be able to.

I am on the road with the bike and left the manual at home. Found out what the code meant, but was curious of others experiences with this issue. Have a new sensor installing it today. Fingers crossed it is not more serious.


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Bad Tps cause the same kind of issue?

Took to a dealer yesterday, very nice people, they checked the tps, fuel pump, valves and cam. Nothing wrong. The tech, whom has 37 years experience, could not find the issue.

any luck finding your problem?  I have the same issue with a 2010, and have checked everything and replaced the stator and kill button and still have the bog.  it has about wrecked me 4 times now when riding on a motocross track and i am scared to get back on the bike until i know its fixed.

Fuel pump and or fuel filter? Mine did this and I ran sea foam through tank and fuel line. Helped for a while but returned. Gas sucks these days.

Fuel pump. Replaced it and have no issues, besides the price.

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