Buying info yz426f vs. wr450

I was thinking of buying a 2002 yz426f or a wr450. What are the differences and what would be better for Baja trails. I am returning to the bike world after a 10 year absence. I am 6'2" 190lbs. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Here's my .02. I own a 450 and have ridden a YZ426. Properly mod'd the WR has it all over the 426 for the kind of riding you are describing. Wide ratio tranny, bigger gas tank, etc. I've owned and riddden a lot of bikes and my current ride is far and away the best cross-country bike of the bunch. The WR may be a bit heavier on the scales but it certainly doesn't ride like it (unlike the WR426). Having said that I would not take it to the track. Wrong tool for the job. If you decide to go for the WR450 I would stay away from the '03 unless it has been upgraded with '04 starter parts.

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