another WR400 starting problem

I pulled my carb off over the weekend tore it apart and cleaned everytnig. I put the carb back on the bike and figured while I was at it I would go ahead and do the "gray wire" mod. Got my bike all back together. Gave it about 4 kicks and it fired up. I took it for a little ride and it was like a new bike and ran like a scalded dog. It was running better than it ever has. I tried to get it started today and after about four kicks with the choke on it fired up but then died about a minute later. I kicked hell out of it for about 20 minutes and all it would do is fire up and immediately die. I figured it may just have been flooded since it ran fine yesterday and now it wont even start. It is acting like it isn't getting any fuel. Any suggestions? Did I just flood it and get impatient or maybe a plugged circuit in the carb? Just looking for a direction to go since im a newbie to the four stroke world. Thanks for any help

Two things effect starting. Pilot jet and fuel screw. If the carb was really dirty most people will always replace the pilot. Pull your pilot and put in a new one or verify all openings are open. Take a small wire and fead it where they pilot is.

Also a properly tuned carb when the bike is cold. Flip the throttle a couple of times and then pull on choke. The bike should start without putting on more throttle. If your applying more throttle then your fuel screw is off.

Also check plug to see if rich, if valves are out if spec will also cause hard starting.

That's exactly how I started it yesterday. Two flips of throttle with the choke on. Fired up and the bike ran great.  what is puzzling to me is that it started perfectly fine yesterday and now I all of a sudden have an issue. When I had the pilot jet out, it was plugged up.I hope it's just the pilot jet plugged again and nothing to goofy. Like I said before the bike started fine and ran awesome yesterday :banghead:

I was poking around my carb and noticed on the what I think is the ACR valve a place for a vent/vacuum line. Is there supposed to be a hose hooked to it? Mine doesnt have any line to it. 

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