What oil do you run?

I use Maxima SynBlend 4 semi-synthetic oil. Works great. I race the WR pretty hard and change the oil & filter after every race. Then i also change it after every 3-4hrs of just general riding if i don't race it. Oil comes out looking new every time. 


Personally i'd go with the Rotella T6, but i get a good amount of gift certificates to RockyMountainATVMC for racing so i haven't spent a cent on oil or filters all summer : )

Rotella T6 21.50 full Synthetic at Walmart. Plus there is a 5.00 rebate until the end of April. 16.00 is a great deal for full synthetic JSO certified.

what weight are you using? Could only find 5-30 at at walmart. Book wants 10-40. I'm california. Not too cold not too hot. 30deg up to 100deg

T6 is 5w40

T6 is 5w40

Not worried about running that thin 5 weight

5 is the winter number.  Has something to do with how it flows when it's cold.  I'm not an oil expert, they hang out on bobistheoilguy.com

I run Rotella T Triple Protection (15w40), it's dinosaur oil instead of synthetic like the T6 (5w40) but has better shear stability. 

Guess I'm the only one that runs Yamalube 10-40, can't go to wrong me thinks

I'm using Rotella T Triple Protection in the cooler parts of the year, T6 in the summer or if I find it on sale.  Sam's club sells 6 gallons of the triple for $75.

I have been told no syn for break in as it won't let rings seat properly.

Don't they come from the factory with synthetic?...

Oh yeah, I run T6.

I get cases of it at cost with my job.

2014 WRR R.I.Pieces

2012 WR450F ECU, GYTR tuner, Yoshi RS4, MSR rad guards, Cycra Pros, and a growing wish list...

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torco t-4

Guess I'm the only one that runs Yamalube 10-40, can't go to wrong me thinks


I use also use dino Yamalube 10-40.

Do you guys think it's safe to break in a big bore kit with T6? I came across an article that said not to use synthetic oil for engine break in. Just wanted some other opinions.

When they say that , they are talking about real synthetics, Products like t6 are just highly refined dino oil and only allowed to be called synthetic in the U.S.

So its very safe to use as breakin oil.

Rotella dino oil.

I put that s#it in everything.

Recently began using Rotella T6 5W40 in both my bikes. I change it every 5 hours in the 2 stroke and every 10 or less for the 4 stroke (since it has a filter). I noticed that it made the Rekluse EXP work better and quieter (than both Yamalube conventional and Motul synthetic) in my 2 stroke, even after an extremely abusive hill climb or 1st gear technical rock section. I also run the Rotella conventional in my street/strip 440 Mopar. Seems like great oil and the price is hard to beat.

Oooooh, an oil thread!  I *Love* these...


Yamalube 15w-50 Semi Syn.

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I have no opinion on this subject.

I have no opinion on this subject.

Is that a fact?

hey its me , I run 10/40 Valvoline  I buy it at walmart , its a specific motorcycle oil , its got all the jaso ratings its $ 3.27 a quart ,

Previously I had been using Amsoil 0w40 full synthetic in my bike. However after swamping my WR pretty bad this summer I've increased to changing my oil after every ride to make sure I've gotten all the crap out of the engine. So I'm switching to Shell Rotella as it is much more economical.


Can someone explain why my mechanic told me not to use Synthetic Rotella T6 as it is not designed for the wet clutches, rather I should be using the Rotella T non synthetic.



It says JASO MA on the back of the jug in the "meets service requirements" list.

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