What oil do you run?

Previously I had been using Amsoil 0w40 full synthetic in my bike. However after swamping my WR pretty bad this summer I've increased to changing my oil after every ride to make sure I've gotten all the crap out of the engine. So I'm switching to Shell Rotella as it is much more economical.


Can someone explain why my mechanic told me not to use Synthetic Rotella T6 as it is not designed for the wet clutches, rather I should be using the Rotella T non synthetic.




because he doesn't know it is JASO-MA.

because he doesn't know it is JASO-MA.

ok, thanks guys for clearing that up, seems like an obvious choice then to use Rotella T6 in my situation given how much more economical it is. Now all I need is a really cheap source for oil filters...

When they say that , they are talking about real synthetics, Products like t6 are just highly refined dino oil and only allowed to be called synthetic in the U.S.

So its very safe to use as breakin oil.

Now how the Hell do they get away with that??

That's BS!

i use klotz mx4 10w40 and have had good luck with it

I have really good luck with this;il_fullxfull274032520_zpsa5cdd998.jpg My late Uncle Ted used to be a distributor.  Before he retired/died he told me he would "hook me up" with all the oil I'd ever need before he retired.  I literally have over 50 cases of this stuff.  It's in the same paper cans like in the picture and I have to use one of these to put it in whatever I'm changing oil in.  untitled6_zpsfcbbee5f.png  I run it in EVERYTHING!

Ok so just to get this right. I should be using the same oil in my wr450 as I do in my 6.6l dura max?

YAMALUBE 10W50 semi synthetic.

Rotella T 15W40.  Never had an issue in any of my bikes and it's ridiculously cheap.

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