2002 yz426f screensaver

if any on is interested , check out www.yamaha-motor.com there is a screensaver download . it is yamaha-motor.com/products/mcy/yz426f_ss.htm


Better yet, someone here on TT made-up a screensaver over a year ago with various pictures of Thumpers that is really cool. :) It scrolls thru many types of thumpers in various types of terrain. Sorry I dont remember who put it together and I am not sure where I have it stored on disc. I can tell you I get comments from all kinds of people when they enter my office at work! Anybody remember who put this together for some of our newer members? :D


I found the post. you can just search on screen saver and see the link but it doesn't work!!



RonInSoCal or Boit, do you still have it kicking around somewhere??



I will upload the screensaver to my site later today and post the link! It is a really cool screensaver (it is like 8.5MB) Later,


Wow, someone actually remembers the screensaver? Cool! I had to remove the file from my webspace to make room for helmetcam videos. I don't know if I still have it lying around but I will look when I get home from work.

Why don't we make a new one with YOU in it? I can pop these things out like a pez dispenser, all I need is the images. Maybe we should put out a call for cool action shots with a deadline (a few weeks), and crank out a 2002 version.

Anyone interested?


Great Idea! :) I have it not only on my PC but also my lap top. Occasionally, I even have both flashing pictures to me at once! Never lets me get away from you guys! :D I get soooo many comments when people are in my office. Most ask if its me! I am sure there will be some contributors of photos especially with the amount of new faces around here. Looking forward to a 2002 version. :D:D


I am currently checking with the TTalk guys to see if they are okay with this. Don't want to barge in and act like I own the place. Lets try to make it an official TT screensaver.

Stay tuned.

Sounds cool to me, Id love to have one of my pics in the screensaver. That would really crack up my co-workers.


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