'05 YZ450 exhaust question

Hey guys,

so my awesome '05 YZ450 here was apparently a former AMA supercross race bike, a Yamaha/Graves #19 bike! later converted to supermoto

Its the (most gloriously) loud 450 single I've ever heard before..

It has an M4 Titanium exhaust system (off-road)





..but I'm making the bike street legal now, and I don't want to attract attention.


question: will this FMF Q4 muffler fit the titanium header pipe that is on my bike now?


.. or does it require a different header pipe between the head and this Q4 muffler/pipe??


great riding around Salt Lake Utah



The trouble is that no one knows how the diameter of your current header compares with the stock one. 


You could pick up a Q4, and if it does not fit, you might be able to have a shop fit a stepped sleeve to it, or, find a Powerbomb/Megabomb for sale used, which would absolutely fit the Q4, and take another db or two off in the process.

That is a great answer to my question!


Wow, difference between the powerbomb and megabomb design...

and price, $166 vs $314 for megabomb (~, new)


I'll see if I can find used first..

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