2000 Yz426f Forks

Hey guys, my left fork is leaking a little so I plan on replacing my fork seals and changing the fork oil while I am at it. Any tips for doing this? I have BRP forks. Thanks for any help. 

Use the correct size seal driver. Place plastic wrap over the fork tube so the hole doesn't cut the seal when you slide it over.

Might hijack this thread a little, as nobody responded to mine.


I know my forks were leaking a little. I went riding at Hapin Acres last week. After landing hard on a double, the forks bottomed hard. It seemed like after that the forks got pretty soft and started to bottom a lot. 


I am 215lbs, and I don't know the bikes history. I am going to assume that the springs are stock. So yes, I am probably a little heavy for the stock springs. The suspension as a whole, 2000 yz426, seems a little soft to me. It is much softer than my buds 2006 crf250. 


Did I just run too low on oil? Can something "break" inside the forks that would make them suddenly too soft? I am no Chad Reed, so I don't need a custome suspension for clearing triples. 


I am going to take them apart and replace the seals, bushings. What else should I look for? Can I tell what the springs are (stiffness)? Is it true that Mobil One Synth ATF is around 7wt, or a little heavier than the recommended -01 oil? Can I use this to help a little? I don't ride that often, and I don't want to dump a ton of money into an old bike.


Thanks for the advise guys!

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