Bottom end kits?

Ok so im going for it. Im gunna do my first bottom end. There must have been a reason that it wouldnt go into 5th. Even though its working good now im still gunna do it. Besides i bought another 08 yz450 so i can ride one while working on the other. I looked on ebay at bottom end kits. They got wiseco and hot rods. Witch one is the best. Or should i go oem. Also i was lookin at case splitters witch one should i get. Theres a cheep one for 57 bucks and a motion pro for 159 bucks. Or should i look somewhere else? Help me out here guys.

You can have good or bad luck with any brand of crankshaft. If you can afford it I personally would go oem. Wiseco has got a pretty bad rap and my friend broke the rod on his new hot rods crank after 9 hours on the hour meter. As for case splitters I rented a puller from auto zone for free to split my cases last time. The cheaper the better as long as it works.

I have to agree on OEM.  Hot Rods have a fairly good rep.  I'd never use a Wiseco crank. 


I find that I rarely need a case splitter on a YZ450.  There are leverage points built onto the outsides of the cases that allow pry bars to be used to break the bond of the sealant.  These usually look like rectangular blocks extending one from each case near the center joint, normally one pair in front, and one in back.  They were put there to be used as a pry point on which any damage will be inconsequential, unlike what would happen if you wedged a screwdriver into the sealing joint.  A common "crow's foot" puller or straight bar puller designed to use bolts screwed into the case will press the crank out of the main bearings well enough. 


Heating the left case to 250 ℉ in a controlled environment like an oven eliminates the need to use a case press to reassemble.

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