District 37

Anybody here race District 37 Southern California? I may go out this weekend to race for the first time! I just joined the AMA and I have been in contact with a few racing clubs and I might hook up with one while I am out there. Just wondered if anybody here has been with any clubs here.


BTW: I posted earlier...Acerbis 3.4g tanks for YZ400's are $105!!! Go to their site!

I race D-37 Desert and a GP every now and then. It's a bunch of fun. You do need to look for a good club. A club is the only way out after being broke or injured. i'm not sure if I'll race the race on the 13th or not. You can stop by and see the guys at the 100's pit. Ask if you can sign in and have them watch out for you. Tell them Todd sent you.

I also race D-37 and Red MTN. I heard is a good place to race. Just don't race a National the first time becouse you may not go back.I like the GP's myself. Good luck.

Thanks for the info, guys. I have been in contact with the Vikings club to join and get into D37, but I won't be able to race/ride this weekend. On Jan 19th I will be riding at a poker run at Red Mountain. It's not a D37 event, just a bunch of guys for a run. If anybody wants to go, I'll post directions!


I live in AZ, but I know the Vikings put on the best Nat'l Hare & Hound out of all the other CA clubs. That club gets a thumbs up from me.

As a beginner most of the Hare and Hounds have you run the first loop only. So the first loop is often much easier than the second loop.

The Desert MC National at Lucerne on 1/27 is always a nice race. It's also fun to check out the expert/pro racers and their pits.

info at http://ruts.org/desertmc.gif

You dont need to start in beginner class.You can start at novice and they do go both laps.

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