New So. Cal track Need your help

New Motorcross Park

Attention all motorcyclist

Your help is needed!!

There is going to be a new motorcross track in Sun Valley(just north of Burbank) if we can get enough letters of support for this new motorcycle park. Show this to all your friends!

Councilman Tony Cardenas is a well respected leader who we have reason to believe will support our cause.

If you want a great place to ride, take 2 minutes to write a letter. Please address your letters to Councilman Tony Cardenas

Important points:

1. “My family rides motorcycles for recreation” (include kids, there will be a pee-wee track)

2. “Motorcycles teach responsibility, promote friendships, and keep people away from drugs.”

3. “Dirtbikes help people become healthier through Physical exercise.”

4. “This park will bring people to Sun Valley, and increase commerce.”

5. “Write how riding makes you feel and how valuable it would be to have a park close to home to frequently visit.”

Mail all letters to:

John Foley

9443 Hillhaven Ave.

Tujunga, Ca. 914042

Any questions, call: 818-353-4459

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