WR450F Engine cylinder swap~

hello there~


does anyone know that wr450f year 2012 engine cylinder can be directly swapped with a 07-09 wr450f engine cylinder? cuz i see the part no. was slighty diff.

2013-14 was      2S2-11311-30

2012 was           2S2-11311-20

2007-2011 was  2S2-11311-10


Although, i ve alrdy read this post, but still cant 100% sure it can fits perfectly.



any suggestions?



Yamaha currently lists the 5TJ-11 for everything '07-'09, and the 5TJ-30 for everything from '11 up.  I'm sure the difference is small, but I don't know what it is, and it may or may not prevent it from being interchanged.


Yamaha uses a "basic part number" scheme.  All  X-11311-X-X's are "cylinder 1"'s.

okay,thank u so much .  i just wonder they did not change the oil connector or other connector..from which the manual show ,all the wr450f from year 07 up is nothing different, only some tiny part and the part number.


but anyways, thx a lot.

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