Ricky racing San Diego??

Last news (from 2 days ago) was that Ricky did not have a concussion but was beaten and bruised up. He said he may not ride San Diego. Has anyone heard any updated news??


Last I read he was going to race SD, but he wouldn't do any practices until he gets to SD.

He's skipping press day, today. Will fly in to SD on Friday, not riding practice Friday. He is practicing and racing sat

Ricky is racing but still no Tim Ferry till round 3...

Cycle News today says Ferry practiced and will race. 9 days after knee surgery.

I wonder how much it cost Honda to get a doctor to say RC didn't suffer a concussion. New rule would have made him sit out if he had. I didn't know you could crash that hard, get knocked out and not have one.


I just hope RC gets his rear suspension set up correctly and he and McGrath get 1/2 for the holeshot so we can see them race.

As for the concussion, I think those come from the brain coming in contact with the skull and swelling. RC passed up a factory ride on a YZ426 AND a CRF450 for some damn 2smoke. I don't think brains are a problem... (just kidding)

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