Shock won't hold gas...

My rear shock doesn't seem to hold the gas (and my wife will tell you neither do I). Haven't taken it in yet. Anyone have info on what the problem could be?

The shock has been Race Tech'ed and I'd hate to have to replace the whole thing.

But if I do, anyone have a suggestion on a good replacement shock. Do the better ones need to be re-valved, or will they come pretty much modded?

Ohlins and Penske come set-up to buyer's spec...if it isn't right, they make it right. Good stuff but expensive.

You might be lucky and just need a new schader valve, otherwise I don't know....good luck.

Is the schrader valve bleeding off?

You shouldn't have to replace the shock. It's either the bladder cap or the seal is out. Can be rebuilt no problem. :)

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