The TPS adjustment thread

bds tps tool on 2016 450xc-w - from .58 to .64 the results were for me........


More bottom end.

Cooler running bike.

Lower fuel mileage but still got 100 miles out of the stock tank riding desert two track.

If you live in the Northwest you can always ride with me and we can set your tps with the tool, it only takes a couple of minutes.

Or grab a tool at!:)

Ok, I realize I may be one of the first here to be getting ahold of a 2017 Husky, but figured I'd throw a line out anyway... Was planning to do this as soon as I take delivery of my FE501 (hopefully by the end of January). Can anybody tell me if Model 1 will work with the 2017 Husky FEs? From what I've read, they've changed the engine quite a bit, but haven't found any specifics. Want to pick one of these up now, but need to make sure it'll work. I would appreciate any info. Thanks!

@FortunateJon - Check your TT inbox. 

just want to thank sirthumpalot once again for such a great and east to use  tool  at a  super low price.. checked my tps tonight while doing other service work and almost forgot how quick and easy it was..  thank you sirthumpalot... 

+1. Mine moved on the '16. Felt a little soft on my last ride. Checked and yup, had fattened up a little. Moved it back to where I like it in just a couple minutes.

Thanks guys!  I'm glad it has been useful to so many people.  And a great big thank you to everyone here for helping to spread the word! 

Have a 2013 Husaberg FE 250. Euro map from dealer,  full FMF 4.1 titanium with mega bomb header. No popping or hard starts. Runs ok but feels a little flat on power in the low-mid range. Anybody have good luck ajusting there 250? 

new to the KTM world. converted from honda and looking forwaard to joining all you with the best bikes out there.. so my question.. i have a 2016 500 exc stock, was thinking of just desmogging and putting a new endcap for better airflow and then adjust tps. will making these couple changes be worth the benefits in: bike performance, gas mileage, issue free smooth running bike.. if so does anyone have a real good video on removing smog on the 2016 model and adjusting the TPS on the 2016 500 exc model..


oh yea. if i put a 3 gallon tank on it will i have to remove the smog anyways


Thanks for any help/advice


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I would personally put gearing on top of the list, though I'm in the east where the stock gearing would be really difficult to ride with in the woods.  After that, TPS adjust as shown in the video below.  I personally like the quiet note of the stock end cap and I can honestly say that more power would not make me faster where I ride.  Even at the motocross track the other day, I rarely held it wide open for more than a couple of seconds at a time. 


TPS Adjust HowTo:


Thanks, yes i have already changed the gearing   i'm trying out 14/50 and then go from there..

So the canister will have to go and then i will remove the rest of the smog as well, any advice on the best smog delete kit..

as far as the end cap goes, i like the stock sound as well and not to worried about the extra power, but BDSB says there end cap keeps the sound level almost the same as stock.. I just thought that it would have better airflow and run cooler..does it make it more difficult to adjust the TPS with the end cap?

Oh and i know where i will get the TPStool

Knock out the screen on the end cap then do the tps, you'll need to do that in order to plug the muffler when you wash the bike..

It's easy take end cap off drill a few holes in screen and take a punch or scree driver and hammer to's easy I was hesitant at first but it came right out. Takes ten minutes..... bike sounds better, gruntyer

And reduces restrictions.......I'm happy with just that and don't intend on getting a new end cap anytime soon

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Thanks Arthurbooth. my 16 does not have the screen in it( i just bought it, it has 13 hours on it, maybe the previous owner knocked it out if it originally had one ).  your talking about the screen on the outside of the endcap correct.. not messing with the spark arrester tub inside?? or removing the whole spark arrester tube??


is the gas mileage affected in a good way with the proper adjusted TPS

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Best smog delete kit -  if you remove all parts, you will need 2 bolts.  

1 for the intake port (You can use one of the 8mm bolts that hold on the solenoid – if removed) - Review Videos

1 for the cylinder head (I used the stock bolt from a 500xcw – 78036024000 & 58038022000 be sure to double check these #’s) - Looks stock this way. 


End Cap - I have the BDSB cap.  It is louder than a plugged up Stock Cap.  It did not help much with heat if any.  It sounds better / looks better.  But i do miss the sniper quite tip now and again. 


Engine Temps - 1st get a temp gauge rad cap or some other means of checking the temps.  This motor runs hot stock.  TPS changes may help some, but too much and things get mushy in power / take offs.  As it breaks in, temps should get better.  Keep an eye on temps, some fan switch / thermostats have been cited as issuey.


My bikes fix = TrailTech Fan kit with gauge & EU Map - others have had less issues than I with this sort of thing.


Since this is the TPS thread - Adjust TPS 1st and do one change at a time.  TPS adjustment is easy with the tool and upgrades do not make it any harder to set or calibrate.  As the restrictions are removed, you will need more fuel (richer).  MPG - the leaner you can get the TPS the better your MPG, but your are lean.  Set it for best running and go from there. 

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Thanks Asternad. did you go with the PQP cap or the new STE-2 cap  what did you find to be the setting for your TPS

Yes and maaaaybeeee?

STE-2 for me, with stock ECU i was in the neighborhood of .64v. , with flashed ECU I'm at .61v.  - It's all rider preference and I would suggest the real setting will reveal itself in the dirt.


One thing to note on the BDSB end caps is - they have a smiley face stamped into the mold.  I'm used to it now, but at first I was really put off by it.  Now he is putting this image on the Clutch Covers too.  That's too much for me.  

Yea that is kinda crazy. So when you say you had your ECU flashed I'm guessing that means remapped. Is that necessary when you just desmog and add an end cap or can I just do the TPS adjustment. Also do you know what the clutch weight do?



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