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The TPS adjustment thread

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Yep - go ride 1st - you will not know what you have or really want till seat time has clicked off. 


I had particular expectations I was trying to match my 05 450exc of over 10-years of tweaking motor wise in the lower rpms.  


in hindsight I wish I had a bit more patience and ride time before I went balls out ADD with mine.     


And yes - of course I got a clutch weight too🤣 - I think it works as expected, but I need to pull it out and see if it's me or the idle.

In theory it acts like a flywheel weight as long as the clutch is engaged.  Assists with lower RPM operations, raise the stall point.


Tip - when adjusting the idle, think backwards of a carb.  turn the knob out for higher / turn the knob in for lower, you may need to up your idle a couple clicks after a TPS adjust if you notice a lower idle. Or if you notice excessive stalling in the dirt.    

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The fuel injection does take altitude into consideration automatically so I doubt you will need to re-adjust the TPS when you change altitude.  It wouldn't hurt to bring it with you and experiment, but I would not expect any changes to be necessary. 

My bike ran quite eradic at alttiude above 9k until remap to eu, but tps adjustment does help

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Ok, I realize I may be one of the first here to be getting ahold of a 2017 Husky, but figured I'd throw a line out anyway... Was planning to do this as soon as I take delivery of my FE501 (hopefully by the end of January). Can anybody tell me if Model 1 will work with the 2017 Husky FEs? From what I've read, they've changed the engine quite a bit, but haven't found any specifics. Want to pick one of these up now, but need to make sure it'll work. I would appreciate any info. Thanks!


I'd like to know, too!  Got my bike last week and would love to adjust the TPS.  Definitely different plug from last generation.

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Thank you, that's a good start.  Please check your PM's   🙂  



Cant figure how to send a pic in IM but here's the guard the connector was behind. I'll get into it later after I plow-got another 4" or so last night with more on the way tonight.guard.jpg

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Anyone get their 450/501 2017 TPS cover off? It's looking like you have to pull the throttle body to me. Frame and harness are in the way of getting the top screw out.


Currently beating my head against the wall with the same issue. Trying to get the connector apart with the cover in place isn't happening.

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