2014 otd price

My locale shop told me i can get a 2014 yz 450 for 7400, i think it sounds good what did i guys get yours for

yea that's a good price. if you want to wait till the fall you could get a leftover for even cheaper

That sounds really good now but ya if u wait till the 15s they'll be cheaper. Only 5-6 months

$7400 is a very good price! $8,250 is the cheapest I have found in Southern Ca.


Where are you located CRF917?


$7400 is that otd


I don't think you will be getting 7400 out the door in California for a while with the 9% sales tax.  I have heard 8ish

$8100 OTD in Arizona

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I paid 7750 for mine that was after calling about 20 different dealers in 3 states

$7990 with a free $750 Yamaha pressure washer. Got to love Power Yamaha in Sublimity OR

Got one of thos pressure washers its bad ass if there trowing in one of thos not a bad deal at all

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