2012 wr450f engine cut out problem

My bike s engine stopped 40klms into a ride and when I try to restart it will run for 5-10 secs then instantly switch off . Can hear fuel pump working . Put new spark plug in and can see good spark . Clean air filter and no trouble code's . Any thoughts ?

Have you removed your tank,putting it back fuel hose can bend.If its not go right place.

I think somebody had same problem. Check lean angle sensor. (I think that's what it's called)

Have checked fuel lines and fittings . And all elec wires, fuses , kill switch etc . Going to have a look at lean angle sensor now

I had a bad connection when I bypassed the bikestand cut-out. I think it used to cut out as soon as I put in gear though.

Did you get it fixed?

No not yet . Tried a lean angle sensor off my mates bike still cutting out

Anyone ?

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