Bent Axle, broken rear shock bushing, shot front and rear bearings...

...have all been replaced..


I guess I've been riding it pretty hard...


New re-valve to prevent bottoming on the chuck-holed granite fire roads, new front axle to keep the wheel straight, and the forks parallel, (it wasn't, and they weren't'), new bottom shock bearing (broken), fixed the clutch override jumper, changed the emulsion tube back to stock (trying to get it leaner at 1/2 throttle).

Both front and rear wheel bearings were gone, and the front wheel spacer worn out. 


We shall see....

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Man, the power band is finally back to normal!

No more flat spot.

No more peaky power surge at 7k.


All it took was putting in the CORRECT stock needle jet. 

Apparently, since they are not stamped with a part number, I put in the wrong one. Twice......and the WR250 version (perforated) was also not better, just better than the wrong one.


Here's more


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