Does anyone buy from They seem to have good prices on oem parts, plus parts diagrams for the entire Yamaha lineup.

Just wondering if any of you used them and how quickly you got your parts.

I just recently ordered from them, they have a great web site.

My order took forever to come in. I guess there were special order items, and they waited to ship the entire order. The funny thing is, they didn't send me the 2 most important things in my order. :D They didn't charge me for them, but they weren't on backorder. They just disappeared. I had bad luck, so I probably won't use them again. :)

I've also ordered from them and had some difficulty having the parts delivered as promised. Their site said 5-7 days, the post-order email I received said the same and also said that they would email if anything changed. 8 business days after I placed the order I called to find that some of the parts were on back order. No follow up email as promised. I wrote a very irate email to the web order manager and he apologized profusely, had my parts sent overnight for free, and gave me a 15% discount on the items ordered. Nice gesture but I still missed out on 2 weeks of riding waiting on the parts.

Bottom line, they're a great resource if you don't need the parts right away.

i ordered some jets from them it took 3 weeks before i got the wrong order.3 out 6 jets i ordered were wrong ,so now i probably have another 3 weeks too wait.

I've ordered from them about five times in the past year and have had good luck. The order was usually at my front door within a week. I did have one occasion when a part was on back-order and they actually, believe it or not called my house to let me know the order would be late.

I don't know if I got lucky or what with my orders from reading the posts above, but so far so good.

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