For Sale 01 YZF426 Aluminum Sub-Frame

Brand Spanky New! Bike it came off was never rode! Turns out it wont fit my 02 WR426 after all. I'm into it for $175 & $15 s/h I will sell to you for the same..$175 + $15 s/h


Just a wee bump :)

Check your PM, talk to ya later! ~Hitman~

Oh man!!! I am soooo sorry for thinking it would fit SOCAL. I thought all the subframes were the same for the last couple years. what didn't fit?---- Joe


Check your private mail.



Aww, no worry's. Thats the way it work's out sometimes, we go on the best info we have..Now we all know. one of The diffrences is in the pipe mount, I knew that going into it, same with coolant tank tab, no biggie

But the master cylender for rear brake is much different between the two models. I could cut re-heliarc it but don't want to mess with it + painting it too. so all the changes it would take is too much a pain in the a$$ to me. I would just rather get the correct model, I'm a firm believer in the K.I.S.S principal...

1998-2001 same unit..


Oh Yea!

Still available..


On Hold pending sale.




Check your P/M


SOLD to DKcommando!! Check your p/m

Sorry Hit-man :)


Hitman, you're bike already has an alum subframe. Did you bend it or thought it was steel?


[ January 23, 2002: Message edited by: #1 Hit-man ]

I was just thinking ahead, thought I would make an offer and maybe get one at a good price for a spare. O'well maybe next time. You making a trip up this year? My bike is getting a make over and some mods. done, should be nice "I hope". Talk to ya later! ~Hitman~

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