How thick is the cylinder plating?

I am attempting to measure the cylinder wear, I can tell for certain it is worn, but the measurements I am getting even at the lowest spots are telling me its still in spec, which I find hard to believe. The spec is 95.00-95.01 I tried two sets of bore gauges, digital and mechanical and got the same result. 94.996 was the lowest of all readings. How thick is the plating? I can feel the wear with my fingers so I'm guessing it must have been pretty thick stock.

Nikasil plating is generally around .002" thick.  The cylinder wear limit is .002", whether out of round, out of straight, whatever.


94.996mm misses being 95 by only .00016".  The cylinder was probably just cold when you measured.  The difference between the highest and lowest readings is what you're worried about.

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