Adding extra steel plate in clutch

So my clutch was dragging and no amount of adjustment would fix it. I took the cover off added all new plates and noticed they were sitting pretty low in the basket. I took it apart and recounted to make sure they were all there, which they were. So I doubled the top steel plates and put the last friction plate on top and it's works like new now.

Would this be due to the inner hub being wore out? Also this is in my 2006 yz450. It had a recluse exp 2.0 but the ball bearings wore groves into the aluminium sides and quit working properly. (Only had 50 hrs)

It's possible that the wear surface of the boss, where the bottom friction plate sits, is worn badly, but that should be obvious to look at it.

That's what I figured. I wanted to get out for a ride pretty bad so this band aid worked for the day. I have a steel basket on order because the one now is grooved pretty bad. I'll have to get the boss on order too. They sure don't give clutch components away though!!

No, they don't but the OEM clutch boss is a pretty good deal compared with something like a Hinson.  Not that Hinson isn't an extremely excellent product, it's just that they are almost 4 times the cost of OEM on that particular part. 

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