426 drd exhaust

I bought an 02 426 awhile ago and while at the local track a guy was selling a full drd ss exhaust (i was young by the way), BUT it was off I believe an 04 yz450. It looked like everything matched up so I bought it and bolted it on. My question is will it cause problems or does anyone know if it will be ok?


I added hotcams at the same time I put the exhaust on and it seemed like it was running fine but started puffing blue smoke so its been under the wrench ever since and I'm really trying to get it running for this summer, but conserned about the exhaust after all the motor work I'm doing to it. This is a learn as I go project.

Well if it fits like original your fine but I will say the exhaust 426s came with aren't a whole lot better that FMF or procircut or anyone else. But all in all you having a 450 pipe on it should be same as it would being on a 450

alright thanks

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