08 YZ450F Exhaust Bolt

My lower bolt on the exhaust to the frame is missing. Can someone tell me length and thickness? I know it's a 10mm head, just need rest. Thanks!

Check the parts fiche.

Check the parts fiche.


That works sometimes, but the fiche doesn't code out the length in this case, as far as I can see.  It does tell you it's an 8mm, and I'll tell you that it's an M8x1.25 ISO thread.  As to the length, take the thickness of the mount tab, plus the depth of the welded nut on the pipe, plus about 2-5mm, and that's your length.

Awesome, thanks! And you're right the fiche doesn't help with size.

Sometimes it does, though, so KC wasn't being a smartass.  For example, the crankcase bolt, 91312-06080-00  is an M6x1.0 screw, 80mm long.  The numbers get juggled on things like the flanged bolts that have non-standard undersized heads, or other special features, but it's still a good trick to remember, and it would have told you the thread size, even here.

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