New WR450 owner in Miss.

Hello  TT folks.....


Just signed up on the forum since I have been lurking and looking the last month or two before buying a leftover 2012 WR450. Heck, every thing I googled either took me to ADVRider or TT. Rode dirts in my younger years ( way younger years ) and been riding street and track for the last 6 or 7. Decided it was time to try dirt again. I am a Yamaha fan so I stayed true to my BLUE blood. LoL


Great information on the forum. Always intrigues me to see all the different personal opinions, etc. riders have about their bikes, necessary mods, etc. That is what makes it fun ! I look forward to learning more about the WR450, dirt riding, gear,etc. through the board.

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Welcome MS!

What part of ms are you from?

Thanks Dan! I am in the Jackson Area.

Welcome MS.. 


I lived in Laurel and Gulfport MS back in the 80's and early 90's.


Ride safe on Big Blue.!



Any places to ride your way? I'm in Monroe so not that far away.

Cool man I'm from Flowood but in Oxford for school. If you ever get a chance there are public trails all over lake Sardis that are a blast to ride. MS has so many good places to ride I feel like no one knows about!

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