Reconstruction help

Hey guys I just got my frame/sub/ swingarm back go the powder coaters and am chewing at the bits to get out of class and wrenching! ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1396477782.226099.jpg

I have a quick question before I start rebuilding. How would I find the size of various bolts on the bike? I'm sure it's in the manual but I cannot find it. I am just trying to get bolts from a hardware store instead of having to order them OEM. They may not be disclosed for this reason. I'll be doing a full write up when I'm done.

Thanks guys!


Make sure you use the same grade and the same length bolts.............


The Parts Fiche will show every bolt and size, but not grade.

The parts fiche shows MOST of the sizes, but not in plain text.  Here's how it works:


This crankcase bolt bears part number 91317-06075-00.  The middle 5 digits tell you that's an M6 bolt, 75mm long.  As it happens, it's an M6x1.0 thread, but neither that fact nor the grade is given in the fiche.  An example of a part number that doesn't give the length is the midpipe to sub frame bolt, part number 90105-08085-00. it IS an M8, but it's nowhere near 85mm (3 3/8") long.  Using the part number works when it works, but it doesn't always.


The vast majority of fasteners on the bike are ISO thread (M6x1.0, M8x1.25, M10x1.5, etc.), and most are grade 8.5.  Some are more likely to be 10.5, or rarely 12.5, but as said, they aren't marked.  Use your best judgment.


The manual does call out thread sizes on a lot of stuff in section 2, under torque specs.

Wow thanks guys that's exactly what I was looking for! Is there a sticky explaining it that I've missed? Because there should be

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