Riding Jackets?

OK, I am starting to go crazy and I need to get out and ride. I would like to hear about comments good or bad on jackets. What people have and what they like and don't like and even what they wished their jacket had. I have seen some on Rocky Mountain MC, but now I would like to hear the field tests.

Look forward to all of the replys :)

I have an MSR Pac Jacket. It's fairly thin but that and 2 jerseys and there isn't much I wouldn't ride in. The Pac Jak is also water proof and has a zipper that goes up the side so wind doesn't hit it head on. You didn't say how cold it was that you want to ride in though. For real cold you may need something different.

Down in Capital Reef (Utah)it will start out at low 20's the get get up to the mid 50's low 60's. When the sun starts to go down that when the bottom drops quickly.

I use Road Gear "goretex" type jacket and pants for the winter. They work great and keep you dry for wet cold conditions. Cost is steep at $360.00. I also use the Acerbis Kilma jacket and pants for warmer weather.

I ride with a Joe Rocket 3.0. Great jacket, has inner liner for cold days and built in padding, however if I were looking to buy another jacket I would want something with removeable sleeves. I ride with my jacket throughout the season and it does get a little warm in the summer.

I use the Fox Enduro jacket. It was about $165 and has many

zippers to open and close air vents.It also has a hole for drink systems to be used in conjunction. It looks good too.


I've got a NO FEAR jacket with removeable sleeves and lots of pockets. I think the removeable sleeves are a must and a really nice feature. The jacket isn't super thick but you can always throw on an extra shirt underneath since it is better to layer your clothing then to wear on huge jacket.

The new "SHIFT" jacket..Elbow pads, removeable sleeves and plenty of venting zippers all for approx. $139.00 :)


I ride with the Moose Expidition jacket. Lightweight but durable, with zip off sleeves, plenty of venting and a hole for the drink tube. The jacket rolls up into itself and makes a fanny pack for those days when it gets too hot to wear at all. I bought mine one size larger (than I would normally wear) because I like to wear it over my chest protectors, backpack and fanny pack. It was about $150.

Itching to ride? BRING YOUR BIKE TO BOISE!! I rode the entire month of December and it's still great riding now. :D:)

Keep an eye out on ebay.

I picked up this (Gortex) for $85 shipped.




Good to hear from you and also good to hear that you are riding still. The Moose looks good and also I have been looking at the Fox Enduro and Shift jackets. Now I'll go try the three on and pick one. I like the feature that allows you to remove the sleeves and for the water hose openning.

RM Mx here I come, again...

I have the MSR ISDE gore-tex jacket. I use it as a motorcycle riding jacket all year long, I use it as a winter coat as well. Very efficient against wind and water.

It is very well built

Believe a TTer from Quebec, we have some of the worst weather of the planet here and this jacket works it good!

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