99 WR400 won't idle without the choke pulled

I have a 99 wr400 that I bought from a buddy.  Besides being a bitch and half to start, the bike will stall everytime I try to push in the choke.  I have cleaned the carburetor, replaced the spark plug, adjusted the pilot screw, and messed with the idle screw to no avail.  I've also replaced the fuel.  I don't think the oil is too bad, but I stripped the f-ing drain bolt and I can't get that off now for the life of me.  If I can manage to give it throttle the whole time, the bike will run fine.  But if I lay off the throttle the bike will stall.  Any suggestions?

Sounds like a typical clogged pilot jet.  Pull it out and clean it and run a strand of copper wire through it.  Make sure you can see light through it.  For the pilot screw, or fuel screw as it's usually called, 2 turns out is a good place to start.  It should have an O ring, a washer and a spring on it, make sure those are all there.  I've found a broken bit of an old O ring up in the hole where the fuel screw needle goes.  Also, make sure the hot start isn't stuck open.  


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