I can't believe they don't have decent seats left. I had to pay $40 a piece for 4 tickets but they are *very* good seats. Front row of the first balcony overlooking the 1st corner exit. Ticketmaster outlets here are a cash only deal but if you want to send me the money, I'd be glad to go pick you out some decent seats. Ventilation in the Ga Dome is first rate. I wouldn't worry about fumes but the nose bleed seats are about 1/4 mile from the track. You'd need binoculars to watch the races.

What's up guys,

Well trying to get tickets from my Parts Unlimited Rep is not going to work. I was told that I would need to be in Atlanta Thurs. night for some type of dinner with vendors being present to talk to you etc. etc. First off I can't afford to miss two days of work, secondly I just want some tickets to a race I've never been too. Always some strings attached aren't there. Anyway, I called ticketmaster and the best they have are about $42 dollars a piece unless you pay $10 for rafter seats where you will probably die from the 2-smoke fumes. Anybody know where could possibly get some better tickets or better prices. I would be willing to pay more for the tickets if I knew they would be great seats. I need 3 possibly 4 tickets together. Let me know guys. Anybody else going?? Appreciate the info. Wish I was riding instead of working, It is 60 degrees here today, back to the forties for the weekend? :) thanks, FRANK

MX tuner,

appreciate the info. I would have liked to have gotten some good tickets from Parts Unlimited but can't be in Atlanta Thurs. night. I called ticketmaster and the price of tickets was about $40 dollars like you said. The best I could find was about row 20 in the middle of the track. Are they decent I haven't bought them yet but I am probably going to order them today. How long ago did you get your tickets? Let me know about those seats. Thanks, Frank

I got mine over a month ago. Personally, I don't like the field level seats since tyou can't see the action across the track. One level up gives a great view if the entire track.

Fastfrank, I MAY have a few tickets left for Atlanta. I ordered and received 100 in section 247 club level ( just about on the " 50 yd. line ) Some of the guys may not be able to make it, and will be selling them. I will post in a few days and let you know if you are interested. Oh, and they are $35. with pit passes.


let me know ASAP if you have any left, I need 3 sitting together. Are they good seats?? Extras would be great and help me out a bunch. Let me know, e-mail me at:FRANKNINJA9R@AOL.COM :D:)

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