Riding places/people in No. Virginia area

When I lived in Manassas, me and several other guys used to ride in an area on the north-west corner of the intersection of Hwy 234 and I-95. You used to be able to park behind the gas station and go thru a couple of holes in the fence. I also rode at an area once that was really cool, it was west of Manassas on I-66 just south of Front Royal. I can't remember the name of it, but it was a legal area part of the national forest area. Living there was definetly a bummer as far as riding areas go compared to being back in Texas!


have you been to the landing mx?

or mountaineer raceway?

both are good and fairly safe places to ride

within 1.5 hrs from you.

I live in Alexandria V.A.and go to both


Im always up to meet new people to ride with!

Myself and a friend are looking for people to ride with and places to ride in and around Northern Virginia. My e-mail address is mattbrooks1@prodigy.net Its too damn built up around here!

I live in Lynchburg south of you and ride at a track at my house. It is a mix of motocross and trails mainly. Not really my track but my neighbor owns it and runs an excavating business so he is always updating it. Too muddy right now because it freezes over night and then thaws out in the daytime. When it drys up it will be nice to get back on the 426. In the meantime I have been tooling around on my warrior. South of me is a good track in Danville called Birch creek motorsports park. I think their is also a track in Dilwyn Va. Quite a few other tracks in the carolinas also. Check out birchcreek website by doing a search and clicking on the link. Want to ride sometime e-mail me at FRANKNINJA9R@AOL.COM

Hey Torch,

Let me know next time you head out to either track. Friend and I would probably head out with ya. I've been to Mountaineer, never to the Landing yet. I live in Fair Lakes. Try to get ahold of me if you can.

e-mail: mattbrooks1@prodigy.net

aim: Mattbr00ks (those are zeros)

Thanks for the info Tom.

Hey Frank,

Thanks for inviting me to use your track. I head down that way sometimes. My parents have a house on Smith Mtn. lake. I know what you meen about the mud. Its pretty bad right now. I'll let you know when I might be heading down that direction.




no problem!! Just waiting for it to dry up so I can rip it again on my 426. It looks good sitting in the basement but it will look alot better when I am jumping the 75ft table top!! just let me know when you want to come down. We usually ride on Sundays but occasionally on Sat's. e-mail:Frankninja9r@aol.com

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