New Thunder Alley For X-Mas

The washer is just there so it fits properly. Unless it is a different thickness than the one that came with mine, I don't think it will cure the problem. I haven't done anything to fix the problem yet. It is almost unnoticable. It melted about the a 1/4" by 1" section on the bottom of the number plate.. Not really melted, just warped it a bit. When I get around to fixing it, I just plan to put some additional heat tape on the plastic in that section. I think that will do it. Enjoy the pipe!!

I took the big washer out completely, spaced the subframe mount in about 5/16". Mounting the beast is as simple as loosening the headpipe and pushing the Thunder Alley on. Leave everything loose until you get all the hardware started. Then gently snug the headpipe first and make sure it doesnt have any leaks. Youll know if it leaks, it will backfire a bit, also may sound funky. Your going to want to go with the bigger main, also raise the needle in carb 1 notch. Might want to back out the screw on the carb 1/2 turn also. Then go piss off your neighbors!

Take your side panel off and duct tape it. Trim to fit. It won't melt then.

OK fellas - the "Old Lady" got me the Thunder Alley slip-on for X-Mas. Even though there's 5" of snow on the ground and it's freakin' cold out there, I can no longer just sit here and stare at this pipe - I need to mount this thing and do some test blasts up & down the street. I've read that some of you guys have experienced some melted plastic after mounting this pipe. Have any of you come up with any solutions? There was an aluminum spacer included with the pipe - it's about 1/2" thick. Actually, I would call it a 1/2" thick washer. I assume that it's to be mounted in between the pipe and the subframe, therefore curing the melted plastic syndrome. Just like to double check with you guys before I do end up melting my number plate. That would set me off! :)



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