2010 YZ450f starting issues.

So I picked up a 2010 YZ450f about a month ago. With all the snow down I didn't really have much of a chance to ride it. After doing a tire change today I tried to start it and take it for a little ride to see if it was okay. I kicked and kicked and kicked and it finally started, I let it idle and then turned the choke off and then it turned off.

So I turned the choke back on, kicked and kicked and kicked when it finally started I just left it alone and let it idle, after about 2 minutes letting it run with the choke on I turned it off and let it idle for a while. I took it down the road, and when I pulled in the clutch to turn around it bogged and shut off. I started it up one more time and drove back up the road and when I pulled into the diveway It bogged and shut off again.

What could be the issue?

Thanks in advance for any input!

Have you checked the carb? Last time i let mine without usage it was all colgged up and it didnt turn on for that reason

2010 was the first year for fuel injection, so my bike doesn't have a carb. 

Here is a good video on how to start the 2010.


Follow this and easy starting.

Thanks! I'll give it a try!

This might not be any help buy hey you can try it. I have a 2012 and don't ever use my choke. I leave the chock off and if it doesn't start right up I usally crack the throttle just a little and it usally fires Right up Seems too work.

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