awesome site

Just bought my first 4 stroke 2 months ago after off road racing 2 strokes for 8 years. I am amazed at the traction and am still getting used to it. I ride up here in the mountains surrounding Vancouver Canada where even the mountain bikers wont go *lol*.

The info you people provide is great. I am going to try that BK mod tomorrow. Thanks alot and I am sure you will all be hearing from me in the future. Yehaaaaaaaaaaa. If anyone happens to come riding here dont hesitate to let me know.

02 yz426f

pro tapers so far

You made a good choice there; once you’ve ridden a stroker you’ll never want to go backbigok.gif

How'd it go with the mod?

I'll tell ya one thing leatherlungs426

I bought my 01 426 last November, and if it was not for the GREAT people that answer questions at this site, I would be in the dark.

They are a great bunch of guys that just want to help.

Thanks to all ThumperTalk memebers..

Did the Bk mod yesterday , took about a half hour. Going riding sunday to test. Will see then. If the baby heads dont get me the tree branches will.

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