timing chain-- bumped clockwise

PLEASE HELP!!! so I was adjusting my valves and the TDC mark moved so just thought could bump the TDC mark back turning clockwise. Is TDC still true or do I have to tear more apart? Cams weren't connected was keeping tension with my fingers

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TDC is TDC regardless of which way you turn the crank.  WR engines make weird noises if you turn them clockwise.  Don't rotate the engine clockwise but a bump to get it to TDC  won't hurt it.  Sometimes I put a socket on a breaker bar that has no ratchet to get it to TDC.  Then zip tie the breaker bar to a foot peg, frame, whatever. 

alright thanks just was being paranoid. I left my ratchet on the crank and turned it to tighten so when putting the chain onto the crank shafts the weight would help prevent it from moving. But thanks for the tip will try that next time to really keep it from budging.

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