Very cool pic!

2x2 WRF 450 in action!!!!!

You can actually see roost coming from the front wheel!!!!!


Yesterday David won, today he was 5th. He is moving up to seventh place in the overall standing.

They changed the engine at the rest day, out of precaution.

They have examined it and it shows wear (normal after half a Dakar....) but nothing that would cause problems.....

Is the front fairing on the Dakar bike custom made or is that a aftermarket product?

I want one of those, especially if it could be easily removed. Some fairings can look huge, but this one looks really cool and just the right size. :)

I think he is now in 15th pos overall,still amazing as far as im concearned,just finishing the dakar will be a great accomplishment. :)

Ooops,not 15th,7th place is more like it. :)

Yes, That is a very cool pic!

I too think the fairings are cool and they would be usefull if easily removable but I seriously think that they are not coming with the bike stock. The yamaha website of france shows a 2x2 WR with no such fairings...

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