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Beta in racing

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Erzberg stats:



Here are some numbers from the start list:
Only 500 will pass the qualifying. 
(Last year 22 Betas started the race)
Total bikes: 1694

KTM: 1019
Husaberg: 142
Husqvarna: 79
Beta: 71
Honda: 70
Yamaha: 66
Kawasaki: 55
GasGas: 50
Suzuki: 43
Sherco: 21
Vespa: 16
Aprilia: 14
BMW: 13
TM: 10 
Can-Am: 7

Unaccounted: 28


85cc: 3
125cc: 44
200cc: 25
250cc: 413
300cc: 547
350cc: 125
400cc: 32
450cc: 276
500cc: 34
525cc: 34
530cc: 22
600cc+: 32

Unaccounted: 107
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Well I just found out there's a 4th of july race that I can do.. just figuring if I will do the C class one and a half hours or the 3hr for some B and the A classes. I don't think I'll be winning anything at all. I'm thinking of it as a goal to do just to get more fit and to have fun. If I am battling for 13th place that's cool with me as long as I'm riding well and having fun. I'm 54 and there's a 45+ class so I guess I'm there.. hopefully there will be some 50+ age  classes some time in the future but it doesn't matter too much. I will be trying to win though but I am realistic. I had a blast last Sunday at the muddy hare scramble we just had. This one I'm guessing might be similar..but you never know.. Sometimes the race makers say it's going to be easy and then drop some brutal stuff just to fake us out. I'm happy as usually we don't have many trail races.. usually just a couple a year and now here's another just a month or so more after this last one.. Awesome. This thread is for racing so I'm including my foofoo racing along with the top racing like erzberg.. Hey it's Beta racing right? even if it's just a little local thing. I hope others put some of their racing too.. no need to be fast or anything.. just need to be riding a Beta. Hopefully this will motivate me to be more disciplined and work out to be more fit for the next race. I'll do the 3 hr race I think.. I'll be more beat up when I'm done but then there will be so much more bench racing !! Maybe I'll go back to the A class and battle for last place.. lol. I like to race the A class more times in the past because usually there's a longer more interesting difficult trail for the A's to race(plus I used to place at times..used to lol)... I'm going way slower these days so B class is better ..and I'm way in the back of the B class lately..but I'd rather race the better course.


Here's what I want to race.. and what I just raced on May 25th...  Oh and I've been riding my new used 300rr 13' Beta .. 




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Cody Webb is on the all important first row for the tomorrows race.

I would put money on him for finishing the race. With a bit of luck, even more then that.  


Day two:


I like that we can watch this LIVE on this redbull site..  12 hrs and counting!!!!!



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Cody in the top 10 I think?  I just saw the last of the race and I know he and Taylor Robert finished very close with Taylor just ahead of him.  Cory Graffunder finished in 7th on a Husky.  Jonny Walker wins ahead of Jarvis and Letti.

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Diego Nicoletti from the videos above actually finished this years Erzberg in a fantastic manner. He really struggled and finished only a few minutes before they stopped the clock. 


There were six riders  on the Beta 300RR that finished  this year. (31 finishers in total) 
All other bikes were KTM/Husqvarnas 300. Except for one brave soul on a Husqvarna FE 501 (only 4T) and one Freeride!


Results by checkpoints:


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