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Balkan boy

Beta in racing

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Do you work, even have a job,,,,,,? 😉

I get paid to post on TT..lol!!!  I had a job..retired recently ..take care of family young and old but its an erratic schedule and family is a little more stable now..That fluctuates .. This is my short window and I'll probably go back to work when other factors change plus I have my own health conditions to take care(partly why I'm retired) of but everything is good. 👍 I'm an insomniac..have horrible sleep habits mainly because of my former job and I use TT and other sites to work on what I have been horrible at all my life.. putting thoughts to paper.. or screen . It's sort of like how others do crossword. 

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Lots of good race news..




Last Dog Standing 2014


I like the first water hole shot with the guy working on his bike in the foreground. It's turned upside down. Reminds me how I did tire repairs in the field on my 2 smokes years ago.

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I forget if this was posted or not.. probably was but here it is again.. the erzberg results..







Romaniacs is going on so that's what's next in line to check on..



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